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Oldtown Concert Series

A brand new series located at the former Shawsville Middle School athletic fields located at 4179 Oldtown Rd, Shawsville, VA. Now the "OldTown Fields"! Join us for live music, food and fun for your entire family!

Thank You to Our Old Town Nights Sponsors

Team Sports

Facilities for baseball, football, soccer, lacrosse, track & field and more.


Bleachers, hillside or bring-your-chair seating.


Plenty of space for large tailgate-style family reunions.


Parking, vendor space and a lighted football field for outdoor festivals.

Main Field

Standard 400m track with a 100 yard football field. Bleachers for home and visitor sides, with a concession stand.

Baseball Field

Grass infield with 90 ft. bases, 310 ft. at the left & right lines and 330 ft. to center field. Two dugouts and hillside seating.

About OldTown Fields

In 2014, MVCF learned that the Montgomery County Public School system was considering declaring the athletic complex at the Shawsville Middle School surplus property. The well-loved facility consists of a baseball field with dugouts, an athletic field in the interior of a track, lighting, bleachers, a ticket booth, tennis courts, a multipurpose field, a storage building and parking lots.

The Foundation was concerned that this irreplaceable community asset would be sold for development purposes. It began working with the Board of Supervisors and, especially local supervisor, Gary Creed, to come up with a plan that would allow the property to be maintained and retained by and for the residents of eastern Montgomery County. In addition, if the complex were to be sold, there was concern that Shawsville Middle School would be the only one in the county without adjacent athletic facilities.

Eventually, the Complex was declared surplus property and its title was transferred to the County. In July 2016, the County entered into an agreement with the Foundation where it would lease the fields for a small sum in exchange for the Foundation agreeing to maintain and improve the complex and its facilities. The Middle School retains access to the fields during the normal school day and Montgomery County Parks and Recreation also can use them for their programs. The Foundation now manages third party use of the property for activities like festivals, shows and musical performances in order to raise sufficient funds to support and improve the complex.